Just me


Jotkin asiat on tarkoitettu kaikkien silmille, toiset taas eivät. Jos haluat lukea sanallisen arkun avauksiani, kerrothan siitä minulle. Uudet tuttavuudet ovat aina tervetulleita.

Friends only
Just me

I'm not a skeleton

I'm not a skeleton
But that doesen't mean,
I'm not dying.
I wish I could tell them
About the war in my head.
I make it look like I eat
But I wish they could see through that.
I'm starving myself,
I know.
But they don't realize it,
They don't want to.
Part of me wants to get better, but I can't
I'm losing control I did 3 years ago
But they don't want to realize it.
I'm screaming out to them
But they don't hear me.
Mom thinks I eat more than what I say I do
But I don't.
People don't realize I'm sick,
Mentally and physically,
Because I'm not a skeleton.
Their ignorance hurts,
But I can't get them to understand.
They don't want to understand,
They pretend I'm ok.
They don't want to hear what I have to say.
My screams are silent,
But they are obvious to them
If they would just listen.

(A poem from unknown author.)